Hi, everyone! Welcome to my website and blog! I’ll be using this space to share recent work, fun side projects, and real estate goodies for you to enjoy. I wanted to first take a little time to introduce myself and show you what Regina Mallory Photography can do for your real estate listings.

You probably think this is where I tell you that I’ve always had a passion for photography, took all of the photography classes in high school and majored in art in college at a fancy art school in New York, but not much of that is true. I definitely loved taking photos as a child and have lots of photos of landscapes from family vacations, but I never took a photography class in high school, and I majored in business at a small school in New Hampshire. Fast forward a few years and I was working my way up the corporate ladder and spent ten years working at a large financial firm. I took a six week course at a local photography school to scratch my creative itch, but always knew I wanted to turn it into a career one day. Becoming a mom was exactly the thing I needed to get my business off the ground. While pregnant, I spent some time shadowing a friend photographing homes and learning new photography skills to build my portfolio, and now here we are today, ready to launch!

Outside of photography, my passions are hiking, reading, and music. My friends always joke that I “do the most” as I would always take a little solo adventure when we went on girls’ trips. When we went to New York City, after we got home from a night of dancing, I took an Uber to Exchange Place in New Jersey to capture the NYC skyline at 4 in the morning. I headed back to Brooklyn Park and rented a Citi Bi
ke to take me throughout lower Manhattan, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and eventually back up to our hotel somewhere around 45th. I got back to our hotel right in time for our brunch reservation! When we went to Vegas, I took the rental car to Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area and explored some of the geology there while my friends napped and got ready for the evening. Now that motherhood has set in, I’m a little more tired than I used to be, girl trips have been replaced by family trips, and epic hikes have been replaced with walks through nature trails. But my husband and I definitely have our hands full with our growing adventure girl.

Oh, I’m also a huge technology nerd. This is the part where I geek out about how I make your real estate photos look great!  I use professional equipment including cameras, lenses, lighting, and video gear. I take time to make sure your photos are aligned well, look true-to-life, and show accurate colors. I’ll make the space look warm and inviting, enticing prospective buyers to schedule a showing or bring in a crowd for an open house.

In the current climate of COVID-19, social distancing, and temporarily closing all non-essential businesses, things certainly are a bit different right now. I’ll be doing my part to keep everyone safe and healthy but hope to get back out for shoots soon! For now I’ll be available for vacant home and new construction shoots or exterior photos only, but mostly I’ll be home practicing my shooting and editing techniques, refining some skills, and waiting to get back out there! Stay safe, and wash your hands!


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